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Initial thoughts[edit]

Please keep in mind that everything on this page is a suggestion. These aren't hard and fast policies, but they're proposals that are actively receiving edits... so they matter as far as describing and organizing the wiki, but they don't have 'real authority' other than the fact that at least one person is editing according to this scheme and no objections have been added to the proposal.

Avoiding vanity categories[edit]

Individual articles should probably be 'at the right generality if they're actually general', and and as local as they can get if they're not... so long as it doesn't lead to 'vanity categories' where they're the only thing in the category (a single entry category). Example: if you have a wiki about a specific neighborhood of New York City, then it doesn't deserve it's own "New York City Neighborhood Category" until the New York City category already has like maybe three places that obviously could be categorized with the more specific neighborhood cat.

The 'tree' structure to aim for[edit]

Wikipedia's stub categories for Geography > place-related are the model here because they've probably already face our situation and fixed it 'about right'. Here is the basic tree structure we should be slowly editing towards:


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