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Founded by: unknown
Status: Dead
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Main topic: Hacking
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(As of: 2007-07-24)

ChicagoHackmeeting 2006.10.13 - 2006.10.15. Thanks to those who came to the Dai5yChain space this weekend: together we collectively participated in and helped create the 2006 Chicago Hackmeeting. Contribute to the Response to document the event and help brainstorm future projects.

  • Calling all free-wheeling free-information free-reproductionistas!
  • Attention to the hackers who love the streets!
  • Activists that just want to share resources!
  • Militant media makers in search of free and open access to knowledge and ideas!
  • Develop the first annual Great Lakes Region Chicago-based Hackmeeting!

Sadly, the ChicagoHackmeeting wiki became very heavily spammed; this resulted in being taken offline mid-2008.