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Inactive.png ChickShare

ChickShare (initiated on May 4, 2006) is a project running on the MediaWiki platform that provides a medium for women to share advice, tips, learning and fun with other women. Though ChickShare does not discriminate, men and children are welcome, the primary demographic is women over the age of 18 that reside in the United States or Canada.

The inspiration for this wiki was a book called "The Modern Woman's Guide to Life". It was filled with tips from thousands of women about hundreds of topics. I bought it almost 20 years ago and still refer to it, though some of the information is out of date now. Sadly, this book is now out of print and there is not an update. However, ChickShare is here now and MediaWiki is the perfect vehicle for such advice!

This is a fairly new wiki, needing more content, so anyone with an itch to contribute appropriate material shall be welcomed with open arms!