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Chinese Wiki is started by a group of Singaporeans who are Chinese History & Culture Enthusiast with the following Vision and Mission.


For everyone to appreciate and benefit from Ancient Chinese Wisdom, and to use it as a tool to develop their fullest potential and to assist them in achieving success in their businesses and lives.


  1. To make Ancient Chinese Wisdom and Records more easily understood.
  2. To link Ancient Chinese Wisdom and the Context of its Application together.
  3. To provide greater insights and a deeper understanding into Ancient Chinese Wisdom and Chinese culture.

The Chinese Wiki team strongly believes that there are many business and life lessons that we can learn from China History and Ancient Chinese Works. Lessons of Life from Chinese Ancient Philosophers like Confucius, Lao Zi and Lessons of Business from Chinese Ancient War Strategists and Politicians like Sun Zi, Wu Zi and Kong Ming.

The problem here is that there is a severe lack of quality English translations on the literary works that shape the mindsets of the Chinese. The quality of English translations on popular literary works written by Sun Zi and Confucius has still not brought out the true essence of such works due to the following reasons:-

Firstly, most of these ancient literary works are written in Traditional Chinese Language (文言文, wen yan wen), which takes tremendous effort for a translator to translate them into English. This difficulty arises because the Chinese characters used in these literary works can bear more than one meaning, and as such, these subtle differences in expression are frequently understood differently by each translator.

Secondly, most of the books on these subjects are translated by foreigners not sufficiently immersed in Chinese history, culture and language. This would mean that the true essence of the literary works or the meanings of particular sentences may not be captured adequately.

The Chinese Wiki team, being Singaporeans who received at least ten years of bilingual & bi-culture education, are taking up the challenge to give Ancient Chinese Wisdom the glory it deserves.

The Chinese Wiki team hopes that people will benefit from Chinese Wiki be it in Business or in Life.