Citizens for the Ten Commandments

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Main topic: Christianity

Citizens for the Ten Commandments is a small Wiki-Site hosted wiki run by anonymous Yerranos. The site promotes an unpopular version of Christianity. The site owner claims that God creates some people because he intends and wants them to do evil and later go to Hell. God is also perfectly righteous because righteousness is doing God’s will. Therefore anything including harming people is righteous provided God wants that.

The site owner also deplores many things including democracy. He seems to prefer some unspecified type of theocracy. How to prevent rulers and alleged representatives of God becoming corrupted by power is not discussed. In many respects the site is typical of American right wing fundamentalism.

Citizens for the Ten Commandments can be mistaken for a parody website. It's just about active.

The site computer may read a great deal from your clipboard if you paste material there.

It appears that the site owner may have abandoned the wiki as spammers and parodists are active there.