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Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki engine: PurpleWiki
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Main topic: Collaboration
Wiki Size: 259 pages see stats...

(As of: 2010 - link) CollabWiki, or CollaborationCollaboratory Wiki, was a wiki from Blue Oxen Associates, using the PurpleWiki software, focused on online collaboration.

Gathering point for the many collaboratories we host. This is Blue Oxens' flagship collaboratory. We have four goals:

  • Identify patterns of HighPerformanceCollaboration. We want to encourage our members to TellStories about their best experiences working with or being around other people, and we want to identify commonalities between these different experiences and collect these patterns in our PatternRepository.
  • Facilitate the [coevolution]? of collaborative tools and organizational methodologies. Many of our members are tool builders. We want to understand community needs, and encourage our members to evolve their tools accordingly. We especially want to encourage our members to work towards better tool interoperability, in the spirit of the OpenHyperdocumentSystem. Finally, we want to help develop strong tool cultures by encouraging tool use and exploration and by collecting best practices.
  • Develop shared understanding about collaboration. We believe that shared understanding is fundamental to effective collaboration. We want to develop our own shared understanding by pursuing these other goals and by developing SharedLanguage. We will discuss important concepts from people like DougEngelbart, DeeHock, PeterSenge, and others, collecting and defining terminology in a glossary along the way.
  • Bootstrap. As we gain a stronger understanding of what constitutes HighPerformanceCollaboration, we want to apply those principles to ourselves. We not only want to create a DynamicKnowledgeRepository of valuable information about collaboration, but we want to be a model community of practice ourselves.

This wiki was founded late 2002, and after succombing to spam, went offline sometime in 2010.