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(As of: 2015)

CommonTerra, hosted by Referata, is an international organization focused on researching, documenting, and promoting open, sustainable, peer to peer practices in economics, governance, and culture. This website is our knowledge commons.

Cognitive Hygiene for the Global Brain. A fusion of biology, en-formation, and technology, in-formation

  • Commons Sense
  • Open Knowledge
  • Permanent Culture
  • Peer to Peer Relations
  • Eco Economics
  • Occupy Wall Street and the 15M Movement
  • Open-Source Governance

Commonterra Special Projects (These projects are open and collaborative)

  • PeerPoint
    • The PeerPoint Open P2P Requirements Definition and Design Specification is an evolving, crowdsourced design specification for sovereign computing in the form of a suite of inter-operating peer-to-peer (p2p) applications to include (but not limited to) social networking, real-time project collaboration, content management, distributed database management, voting, trust/reputation metrics, complementary currency, crowdfunding, and others.
  • Commons Ontology
    • Discussions about open semantic ontologies, folksonomies, taxonomies, vocabularies, dictionaries, databases, knowledge bases, etc.; Read-Write Web (RWW) data structures and protocols like linked-data and Resource Description Framework (RDF); the tools and resources for using them; and ways the commons/p2p community can collaborate on these issues and technologies.
  • Ethical Bazaar
    • An open exchange where users (individuals and organizations alike) can list & match agendas, capabilities, resources, and needs. (Note: This project is vaporware at the moment.)