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Main topic: Software

The main purpose of this WiKi is to collect and describe numerous tips regarding the Copfilter-Addon for IPCop 1.4.2x and 1.9.x/2.x.


Copfilter is a collection of programs - a so-called Addon in their entirety - for the IPCop-Firewall-Router.

Copfilter extends the IPCop with programs and functions, with which one can filter websites, downloads, as well as incoming and outgoing e-mails for viruses and other “pests”.

If a virus or other malicious software has been found, access to that page or its contents - in whole or in part - will be blocked.


The most important components and features:

  • POP3-Proxy including virus- and SPAM-protection.
  • SMTP-Proxy including virus- and SPAM-protection.
  • Add scan report in each email header.
  • Discard / quarantine emails, depending on the preferences of the spam levels or if a virus is found.
  • HTTP-Proxy including Viren- and Ad-Blocker.
  • FTP-Proxy including virus-protection.
  • since Version 0.85.x: IMSpector - Instant Messenger Proxy with monitoring, blocking and content filtering capabilities.
  • since Version 2.0.91beta1: C-ICAP for content adaptation and filtering, with integrated URLFilter.
  • Attachement Renaming-Tool - rename potentially dangerous attachments (.. Pif, vbs …) for mails with attachments.
  • Mail-HTML-Cleaner - Clean HTML emails by removing dangerous HTML tags.
  • Monitoring Utility ('monit') with mail function - if a monitored service fails, it will automatically restart.