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Founded by: Kasper Souren, aka guaka
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike
Main topic: Hospitality exchange
Backups: 2013-04-16
Wiki size: 675 article pages see stats
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(As of: 2016-07-30 -

Couchwiki was started in 19 March 2009, by Kasper Souren, aka guaka, the same person who started the original CouchSurfing Wiki. The reasons for starting it was that the Couchsurfing organization announced they would delete the couchsurfing wiki.

Originally hosted on the wiki farm, Couchwiki was forced to close due to legal threats from Wikitravel, and its content merged into the existing[1]

Couchwiki is a travel community guide for hospitality networks like CouchSurfing, Hospitality Club, BeWelcome, BeLodged, Global Freeloaders, Servas etc.

A travel community guide is something like Wikivoyage but more personal and more about community activity. It helps you experience travel with the senses of a local.

History and background

Back in August 2006, guaka (talk) started the original CouchSurfing Wiki (and Hitchwiki a bit later, and Trashwiki in 2008). In 2007 he stopped volunteering for CouchSurfing because of the direction chosen, a direction which became clearer and more crystallized throughout the years (the 2011 sellout and the draconian ToU of 2012 were not really a surprise).

Since 2007, the CouchSurfing wiki wasn't really maintained anymore, and in 2009, there were talks about deleting the entire CouchSurfing wiki, and the idea was born to start an independent wiki, that is Couchwiki. In December 2012, the CouchSurfing corporation finally announced they will render the CouchSurfing wiki inaccessible to the general public. This deletion finally happened in 2013, which finally allowed a proper wiki community around hospitality exchange to come into life.