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Main topic: Economics

Crashopedia: Documenting the Causes of the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008.

From site founder Paul Allen:

"Based on my research, the primary instrument of the global financial meltdown was the unbridled and unregulated use of financial derivatives products. (The primary cause was greed.) Governments are now providing trillions of dollars of taxpayers money to try to clean up the mess. And yet derivatives are still unbridled and unregulated.

I have created a Wiki at that aims to be a primary source of information for researchers who want to help get the true story out about the causes of the meltdown, who caused it, who profited from it, and how they got away with it."[1]

In order to edit the wiki, you must contact the site owner.

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(As of: 25 December 2012)

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