Cyborg Anthropology

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Cyborg Anthropology
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Founded by: Amber Case, editing as Caseorganic
Status: Dormant
Language: English
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Main topic: Anthropology
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(As of: 2018-03-11)

Cyborg Anthropology is meant to connect many different people across multiple disciplines, as well as those involved in the field of Cyborg Anthropology itself. This site is a collection of journals, conferences, papers, books, and curriculum that can be used by anyone.

In the same way that the internet grows and changes, the field of Cyborg Anthropology must be a flexible field capable of absorbing, classifying and understanding new phenomena, cultural change, and the digital world. Digital Anthropology is also closely related to Cyborg Anthropology, and will be discussed here often. Hence, the site is also a wiki, an architecture capable of expanding and forming according to content, collaboration and exploration.