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Developmental Alliance for Wikis on Nintendo

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Founded by: unknown
Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: GNU Free Documentation License
Main topic: Nintendo
Backups: 2013-11-15
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Wiki size: 17 article pages see stats
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(As of: 2013-06-19 – archive.is)

DAWN is the acronym for Developmental Alliance for Wikis on Nintendo. DAWN's goal was to foster the growth of knowledge regarding Nintendo and its games. This wiki site was hosted on the Wikkii wiki farm, but was lost with the demise of Wikkii.

DAWN (Developmental Alliance for Wikis on Nintendo) members
wiki name subject URL host member
Bandipedia Crash Bandicoot http://CrashBandicoot.Wikia.com Wikia 2011-03-16 [1]
Caduceus Database Trauma Center http://TraumaCenterGame.Wikia.com Wikia 2010-12-21 [2]
Drawn to Life Wiki Drawn to Life http://DrawnToLife.Wikia.com Wikia 2010-12-21 [3]
Kid Icarus Wiki Kid Icarus http://KidIcarus.Wikkii.com Wikkii 2010-12-21 [4]
Nintendogs Wikia Nintendogs http://Nintendogs.Wikia.com Wikia 2010-12-21 [5]
Robopedia Custom Robo http://CustomRobo.Wikia.com Wikia 2010-12-21 [6]
Rune Factory Wiki Rune Factory http://HarvestRune.Wikkii.com Wikkii 2011-01-03 [7]
WarioWiki Wario http://Wario.Wikia.com Wikia 2010-01-24 [8]
Yoshipedia Yoshi http://Yoshi.Wikkii.com Wikkii 2011-01-22 [9]
External links
  • DAWN — at WikiApiary.com (founded 2011), the wiki site for detailed information on all MediaWiki-powered websites