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This Web site will be used to coordinate and support the activities of the Consortium. The work of the Consortium is carried out by several Task Groups:

KB - Knowledge Building. This Task Group has organized two Researcher and Practitioner (R&P) Workshops. The most recent, in June 2005, stimulated work on a number of new projects. You can help develop, comment on and submit proposals for this effort. Results from the 2004 round of small grants, based on the R&P workshop in 2003, will be added to this site as they become available.
ODDC - Online Deliberative Democracy Consortium. Current projects include the development of regional meetings, on the model of our " Deepening Online Deliberation meeting in St. Paul in June of 2005, and work with PBS on their By The People project.
LTG - Link to Government.
IMP - International Mapping Project is carrying out an ongoing survey of practices related to deliberative and inclusionary processes throughout the world.

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