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DiabloWiki (English)
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Main topic: Diablo

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DiabloWiki is likely the largest collected wiki about the Diablo series of computer role-playing games, with information about everything surrounding the game franchise. This includes character classes, skills, items, towns, Acts, levels, NPCs, characters, lore, story, merchandise, novels, comics, mangas, fan art and fan fiction among other things.

Diablo II information is primarily located on Diablo2.DiabloWiki.net, while Diablo III and general Diablo information can be found on DiabloWiki.net.

Wiki Size: 4,906 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 85 info / verify ...

Stats for Diablo III wiki, Founded 2008 (As of: 29 October 2012)

Wiki Size: 1,900 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 88 info / verify ...

Stats for Diablo II wiki, Founded 2006 (As of: 29 October 2012)


What is now DiabloWiki.net started on the Diablo fansite Diabloii.net back in 1997 as the extensive information pages for Diablo II and also Diablo I. During 2006-2008 most of this material has been converted to wiki format on either DiabloWiki.net or Diablo2.DiabloWiki.net, and a significant amount of articles have been added relating to Diablo III.

Many articles are very useful and also quite a bit longer than traditional wiki articles. The information from all the articles over the two urls will surmount to the currently largest existing collection of Diablo facts and information on the internet.

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The wiki has an active team of community members updating it but these are the main admins:

For contact about most things relating to the wiki, contact Leord.