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everyday cooks sharing recipes.

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Founded by: unknown
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Main topic: Cooking
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DishiWiki – everyday cooks sharing recipes.

Mission: a community for everyday cooks[edit]

DishiWiki's mission is to create a sense of community among everyday cooks through sharing recipes that use ingredients found in America's cupboards. Visitors to DishiWiki will see some recipes that they know by heart, but a closer look will reveal dishes that are just what they're looking for.

A sense of community also comes from friendly social interaction, and asking questions on DishiWiki is a great way to feel included. New members are encouraged to ask questions, and old hands are encouraged to help newcomers by answering them. In addition to the discussion pages for asking questions about and commenting on recipes and articles, The Mixing Bowl discussion forums are another fun way to talk about cooking and food — or anything else.

Method: the spirit of wiki[edit]

We're a wiki community — where anyone can contribute, and everyone benefits. Did you try a recipe but think you can do better? Edit it! We'll be testing the adage "too many cooks spoil the broth". Will recipes be edited to perfection? Keep coming back, and find out.


Find a kitchen-friendly recipe, print it, and share it. Browse recipes by category. Discover new kitchen tips and techniques. Request a recipe. Subscribe by email or RSS reader to keep up with new recipes, articles and comments.


Share a recipe, or write an article and publish it here. Post your comments about recipes and articles. Join the fray in The Mixing Bowl discussion forums. Exchange private email and private messages with other members.

DishiWiki – everyday cooks sharing recipes.

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