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Doctor Who Answers is a questions and answers Wikia for the British Sci-fi show Doctor Who and its related spin-offs in all media, including such things as Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, the Doctor Who Novels, the Doctor Who Audios, etc. Users can ask questions, creating a new page, which people can edit to answer the question.


Doctor Who Answers (DWA) was created on April 23rd, 2010. Although somewhat popular at the start, it lost a few of its active users and was subject to a hostile takeover in the form of a misuse of Wikia's "adopt a wiki" feature by user BroadcastCorp, which granted him bureaucrat powers.

BroadcastCorp was tyrannical, and angered many of the wiki's best users. Anyone who crossed him was blocked, which resulted in the loss of several good editors, most of whom moved over to the Tardis Data Core. He was later banned wikia-wide for sockpuppetry and personal attacks. The unfortunate result was that there was (and still is) a great schism between DWA and the Tardis Data Core, which often hinders recruiting from TARDIS.

After the ousting of BroadcastCorp, there was a period of instability where the administration changed often. Many administrators came and went, such as Icecreamdif, Alex Cross, Corey Chambers, the Thirteenth Doctor, and more. Wikia also withdrew its support for answers wikis, making DWA one of the few remaining. Being an answers wiki, there were many IP users, and they were scared off by the chaos.

At this time, the two most prolific editors were Master of Spiders and an anonymous user by the IP address of 89. Being enormous assets to the wiki, they were considered great candidates for administrator. Spiders did become one, but 89 refused to create an account. Sadly, these two users conflicted ceaselessly, and Spiders often blocked 89. Being around the time of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, an essential time for gaining new editors, their quarreling was deemed a hindrance, and Wikia staff member CzechOut was forced to remove Master's adminship. They still quarrel.

Another conflict erupted when CzechOut requested bureaucrat powers for his bot, CzechBot, and used those powers to promote himself. He believed that this was a simple matter and that he and the bot were one and the same, but many users protested, saying that he had not launched a community discussion about his adminship.

Now, there is only one active administrator, Imamadmad. She, Master of Spiders, and a newer user named CloneMarshalCommanderCody are the only active registered users. There are also a few anonymous editors such as 89.

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