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DozerfleetWiki is the official wiki of Dozerfleet Productions.



The original DozerfleetWiki was founded in January of 2007 as a way to safely archive online the activities of Dozerfleet. As of the end of April of 2008, DozerfleetWiki had accumulated over 200 articles on a variety of different subjects. To fulfill more of a traditional Wikipedia-like role for Dozerfleet materials, DozerfleetWiki branched into two sites. One remained on Wikispaces, while the other half of it, dubbed "DozerfleetWiki2," was founded on May 5th of 2008. The Wikispaces version of the service, dubbed "DozerfleetWiki 1," was terminated on Saturday, December 13th of 2008. It was replaced with The Dozerfleet Forum. The current DozerfleetWiki is still referred to in some databases as DozerfleetWiki2 and retains the "2" in its URL.

Management of information[edit]

DozerfleetWiki version 1.0 housed information on articles that are now on the Wiki-Site version of the wiki about past and present projects. It also allowed for personal journal entries, blog archives, bulletin board comments, private message archives, movie reviews, and download links to game add-ons. These have since been moved to The Dozerfleet Forum.

Division status[edit]

DozerfleetWiki is officially considered a division of Dozerfleet unto itself, being one of the most active divisions. A "division" is defined as any part of the greater scheme of that has a distinct function apart from another. In spite this, the wiki is the most integrated division with all the other divisions. DozerfleetWiki stores articles about literary works in progress (including scripts,) videos and movies, comics both new media and traditional, music-related ventures, and news pertaining to the divisions, including the forum.


The current wiki is an encyclopedia in a stricter sense than its original incarnation, and avoids certain content that would otherwise have been permitted on its predecessor. DozerfleetWiki version 1.0 had no intention of allowing anyone other than the Dozerfleet founder to make and edit articles and their contents. The current version is more open to inviting others to assist the Dozerfleet founder in the making and editing of articles, but under the provision that they are genuinely interested in maintaining the integrity of overall projects and their publicity.

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