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DragonlanceNexusLogo.png Dragonlance Lexicon
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Main topic: Dragonlance


Dragonlance Lexicon is about the Dragonlance fantasy setting, books, games, and characters. It is part of a Dragonlance portal called Dragonlance Nexus and displays the Dragonlance Nexus logo, where other wikis might display a logo showing their own name.

Pre wiki existence[edit]

Dragonance Lexicon was developed for several years on a Content Management System, before being converted to a wiki format during 2011 and unveiled to the public in January of 2012. This may lead to its wikiFactor seeming to be very low when compared to a comparible wiki of similar size.

Wiki Size: 9,040 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 10 info / verify ...