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Compressed aim: We are a Drawing Wiki on how to draw, and reference pictures. As well as other information related/helpful to drawing. We need more contributors to thrive.

Aim from the site: Every artist starts off with a line. Only through practicing can a masterpiece emerge from a blank canvas. Keeping this in mind, DrawWiki serves to complement this process of learning to draw, from a beginner to an expert. This is through providing tutorial resources that cover all kinds of artistic expressions, whether it be digital or physical. While we are geared towards providing resources for anime artists, it is recognized that this is also a resource that can and should support all kinds of drawn art. This wiki also encourages tutorials of all kinds of styles which can involve futuristic landscapes, realistic drawings of people and anything else that comes to mind. Only you can help in building this fledgling community into a resource that benefits artists of all kinds, from ‘n00b’ to the ever wonderful Picasso.

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