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Main topic: Anarchism

Dutch-language Anarchopedia.

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(As of: 01 April 2013)

Tagline of the Anarchopedia project

Anarchopedia – for those who care about capitalist values – is an online encyclopaedia in wiki format. It is a free encyclopaedia written from an anarchist perspective. It has information on anarchism, and its ideas, as well as information on the world in general from an anarchist perspective. Anarchopedia was founded in September 2004 by Serbian anarchist Milos Rancic. Apart from the main English language version, it has versions available in many other languages. Its content is released under a custom licence.[1]

The Anarchopedia project is organised and structured according to the means of unanimity, consensus, voluntarism, individual responsibility; and is founded upon the anarchist and anti-fascist principles of direct democracy and autonomy. Some people may be offended the general content on Anarchopedia.

The word 'Anarchopedia' is derived from the mid-17th century Greek term Anarcho, which is a diminutive of anarchism / anarchist; and of the term 'pedia', which originates from the ancient Greek paideia and means education. The Anarchopedia project aims to be a kind of place to know, a base of knowledge of anarchism, even a place of exchange and studies on anarchism. Anarchopedia therefore means the idea that an encyclopaedia holds, by a whole of means (resulting from the wiki format), to allow the development of knowledge on anarchism.

The Anarchopedia project has specific characteristics which make it unique from other wiki sites and encyclopaedias:

  • Anarchopedia aims to be an experiment in Anarchy and anarchistic management. The fact that it is based on a wiki allows a direct co-operative relation between readers and editors. The wiki allows creation and the modification by any person of any article. It is a collective tool, which makes it possible the anarchistic encyclopaedia to grow rich by work from all. Anarchopedia does not have sysops (i.e., leaders and a power structure). All registered users have sysop permissions.
  • Anarchopedia is not intended as a 'discussion forum', nor a 'web directory'. However, due to the MediaWiki software, it is possible for anyone to add comments on articles on its' discussion page, including any dissent or negative remarks. Anarchopedia is anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian.
  • The text of Anarchopedia articles are licensed individually,[1] with the default being public domain (PD). Several articles are reusable according to terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL or GFDL). Therefore, any individual, company or organisation can use the most of the contents of Anarchopedia, while conforming under the 'free' terms of the GNU FDL. Some additional restrictions include for solidarity purposes only (that is, the content can only be used to further left-wing anarchist goals), non-commercial purposes, or strictly for use on Anarchopedia itself.
  • 'Anarchistic points of view' (APOV): ideally, any encyclopaedic writing at Anarchopedia must conform to the anarchistic point of view. The 'neutral of point of view' (NPOV) policy, as found officially on Wikipedia, is not considered useful on Anarchopedia, because it relies on one central 'authority' that makes decisions regarding the neutrality of an article, and ultimately carries out censorship when the article doesn't conform. Naturally, it maybe difficult to arrive to an anarchistic point of view in all the cases. On Anarchopedia, the writing rules aim at being appropriate to the rational people, even if those are not always of the same opinion. The anarchistic points of view state that all the facets of a discussed point must be evoked according to these points of view, and that the article must in no way be declaring, or implying, or of even insinuating, that one of the points of view is that which is correct a priori. The anarchistic points of view do not imply however the representation with equality from these various points of view. Anarchopedia naturally grants place for the traditional or recent anarchistic points of view, but not from the 'being asserted' point of view of certain worse anarchistic groupings ('anarchist'-capitalist, national-'anarchists', - and in the kind in reconversion, or reappropriation, to be made a new image -). Right wing, pro-state, and pro-capitalist POVs are not welcome on Anarchopedia. Moreover, if a point of view is for example only constant by certain groups of certain specific ideological tendencies, it will be described as such.
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