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Ecotone wiki logo, north levee of Putah Creek, Solano County, California.
Ecotone: Writing About Place
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Founded by: Tim Lindgren
Status: Dead
Language: English
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Main topic: Lifestyles
Wiki size: 194 article pages see stats

(As of: 2006-12-10 -

Ecotone was a wiki portal for those who are interested in learning and writing about places.

The Ecotone wiki is intended as a portal for those who are interested in learning and writing about place. It came about as a meeting spot for a number of webloggers who write extensively about place in their own blogs and were wishing to work more collaboratively, as well as raise awareness to this genre of weblog. We hope that this wiki complements our weblogs well: as Chris Corrigan [puts it], blogs increase span and wikis increase depth. For more background about the origins of this wiki, see HistoryOfTheEcotoneCommunity.

Why Ecotone? An ecotone is a term from the field of ecology. It is a place where landscapes meet -- like field with forest, or grassland with desert. The ecotone is an area of increased richness and diversity where the two communities commingle. Here too are creatures unique to the ecotone... the so-called '. Here in our online version of an ecotone, we hope to create an edge effect, bringing distinct and different places and communities together to enrich our world. We hope you enjoy your visit, and add your own bit of diversity to the site.