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Einstein University is a free online university/academic social network where students and professors from around the world can share ideas, read each others papers, and collaborate on research. You can upload your photo, curriculum vitae, and up to four research papers. Instead of charging students tuition, the university funds itself through online ad revenue and uses volunteer professors. Our focus is solely on higher education and our goal is to become a fully accredited degree granting university.

The E=mc² Initiative is our plan for accreditation. We hope to one day offer Bachelor, Masters, and even Doctoral degrees online for free, but we are going to start off simple. Our plan is to offer a 2-year Associate Arts degree in 25 different languages and apply for accreditation in the main countries that speak those languages. If successful, this would make higher education free for almost 3 billion people.

We are looking for volunteers / administrators to help get the project off the ground. If you would like to participate sign up for a free account or shoot me an e-mail. isaacwojcik@einstein-university.org

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