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EmuWiki.com is an encyclopedia about emulation. Emulation consists in making software that can act like old hardware. Most of the time, emulators are for old game fans that want to replay those old classics on new computers. EmuWiki.com, altough running on a true MediaWiki engine, has been modified extensively in terms of esthetism and addition of extensions. One good example of the way EmuWiki.com uses MediaWiki extensions is their news, videos, websites, and emulebrities sections, which all contain DPL tables to which users can add directly entries using a Semantic Form, thus making the contribution of users even easier than the usual MediaWiki interface. Notice on the Video Page that embedded videos can be consulted directly thanks to a combination of the use of Expandable Tables, DPL, and EmbedVideo extensions. Additionnaly, any user can add a video, thanks to Semantic Forms extension. Altough the site is currently in pre-opening, it is already probably the biggest emulator database on the Internet.

Emulators are available for all platforms on which emulators were programmed: Windows/DOS, Macintosh, Linux, PSP, Playstation 2, Palm OS, Digital Phones and many others.

One way in which EmuWiki.com differs from other websites is the fact that it is, of course, a wiki, but also the fact that it puts a lot of importance in repertoring historical information about emulators. An historical page was created for every emulator in existence. The project is currently being built and 2080 emulators are currently being served. The administrator of the website estimates that at the end of the project, there will be more than 8000 emulators/ports/versions. Another example of the devotion of the site to historical preservation is the emulebrities section, which aims at describing the most important persons that changed the emulation scene.

Wiki Size: 435 pages see stats...