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Founded by: unknown
Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: ReadOnly
Wiki engine: PmWiki
Wiki license: Custom license
Main topic: Encyclopedia
Wiki Size: unknown size see stats...
(As of: 20YY-MM-DD)

This is the original Encyc wiki, located at Encyc.org/pmwiki, which ran on the PmWiki wiki engine. Encyc is a collaborative encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia. There are less rules on Encyc, though, and considerably less article pages.

In reality, calling Encyc an 'encylopedia' is very optomistic, as most articles are merely one or two line opinions without any citations or references. Articles are written in a very basic low-level grammar, and are clearly written from a US perspective, therefore not representing a worldview.

This original PmWiki version of Encyc has been abandoned. It remained live, and in read-only mode (although it still received occasional edits from the site administrators). It was replaced by a MediaWiki version as found at https://Encyc.org/wiki. In 2019, that version became restricted and users could neither edit nor view the content. However, as of May 2021, the MediaWiki version returned to a fully functional site, with all pages viewable and editable.