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Status: Dead
Language: English
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Main topic: Humor
Wiki size: 713 article pages see stats
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(Page count as of: 2011-08-21
wikiFactor as of: 2011-01-27
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Encyclopedia Of Stupid (EOS) was a humor wiki. Every article at Encyclopedia Of Stupid started with '... is stupid'.

The site is sarcastic, even to its users. Their policy on copyrights is somewhat unusual.

"Copyrights? We don't need no stinking copyrights. EOS is a not-for-profit site. All images on this website were procured using Google Image Search (mostly, some may have been leeched from elsewhere) and are assumed to be in the public domain because of their availability. If anyone wants a picture removed for reasons of copyright, please feel free to create an account, remove the offending picture, and say as much. NO PROBLEMS BRA!"

Here is their article in Encyclopedia Dramatica, and here's the deleted name on the English Wikipedia.

In late 2011, EOS went offline – prior to this, the Internet Archive WaybackMachine at Archive.org made over 48,000 archived captures! [1]