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EntropiaPlanets wiki is a wiki for MindArks MMORPG Entropia Universe, formerly Project Entropia. The wiki is built to seamlessly integrate with the EntropiaPlanets forum, meaning that anyone who registered an account on the forum will automatically be able to edit the wiki.

The general idea is that everything worth documenting about the Entropia Universe and the planets within it will have its own page on the wiki. To further add to the integration with the forum, several of the tools employed on the forum (for instance the EntropiaPlanets global tracker (which tracks big loots, so-called globals due to them showing up on the in-game global chat) and the mission tracker (where colonists can register their completion of he Entropia missions) generate dynamic content that will be added to relevant pages, thus ensuring that the latest important information will always be available to the colonists.

Wiki size: 490 article pages see stats