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This Everything2 article is
referring to a site which seems
not to be, or include, a wiki.
However, it still refers to, or is
pertinent to the subject of wikis.

Everything2, found at Everything2.com, and commonly abbreviated E2, is not a wiki, but is a website which functions similarly, insomuch that other people can edit someone else's existing article. Its tagline is Read with us. Write for us., and on its homepage, it states "Our fiction is more entertaining than Wikipedia's". Users can make a write-up about any topic, and then other users can add onto that write-up, forming a 'node', but they cannot change what the original creator wrote.

Powered by its own custom-developed Everything Engine (compiled in Perl), the Everything2 community focuses on all kinds of writing, including personal 'daylogs', which act almost like a bliki. Registration for an account is necessary, and one can only edit existing articles or create new articles after confirming email during original account registration. Users will notice that Everything2 supports redirects, in a seemingly identical manner as MediaWiki. For a time, Everything2 was considered an alternative or competitor to Wikipedia.

The layout of the Everything2 website is visually similar to TV Tropes, a wiki site powered by PmWiki.


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