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evil-unveiled.png Evil-Unveiled
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Status: GoalAbandoned
Language: English
Edit mode: ReadOnly
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: NoLicense
Main topic: Pedophilia
Wiki Size: 468 pages see stats...

Evil-Unveiled, the latest incarnation of the Wikisposure project, is a site that focuses entirely on trying to stop child rape advocates spouting their perverted rubbish in public. It was hosted after Perverted Justice took it down some time in November 2010. The Wikisposure project was in turn formerly CorporateSexOffenders.

EU began November 18, 2010 prior to November 21 when the first known edit was made. Unlike Wikisposure, it does not seem to be openly affiliated with Perverted Justice. It seems like the previous editing histories are absent and that much of it may have been retrieved via google/wayback archiving since a lot of unformatted text was pasted in the articles and the wiki source code seems absent and had to be manually restored.

Most content of Evil-Unveiled has been moved to Encyclopedia Dramatica.

2014 closure[edit]

March 2014 Facebook post:

The wiki is not currently being maintained, but we have always felt that it is a very important source of information for parents and law enforcement. However, there are not enough funds in the paypal account to keep the site up any longer.