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Status: Dormant
Language: English
Edit mode: ReadOnly
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Evolution

The Evolution Education Wiki, more commonly known as EvoWiki was a free, reader-built wiki encyclopedia of evolution, biology, and origins. It was inspired by the Talk.Origins Archive and the Wikipedia project.

EvoWiki's goal was to promote general evolution education, and to provide mainstream scientific responses to the arguments of creationism, notably CreationWiki and other anti-evolutionists.

In 2010, EvoWiki has just been restored after being offline for more then one and a half years. It was then taken over by RationalWiki (RW) who volunteered to assimilate the project. The wiki is locked from editing, but there is a portal page on RW created to integrate information from the EvoWiki.

Wiki size: 3,071 article pages see stats
wikiFactor: 28 info / verify