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FRApedia is a wiki in the Swedish language for concerned citizens who have no desire of being eavesdropped by the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA).

The FRA law[edit]

The FRA law (FRA-lagen in Swedish) is the common name for legislation with the stated purpose of fighting terrorism in Sweden, including a new law put forward by the government as well as several modifications to existing laws, formally called proposition 2006/07:63 – En anpassad försvarsunderrättelseverksamhet (proposition 2006/07:63 – An intelligence agency accommodation). The law, taking effect in 2009, gives the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA, Swedish Försvarets radioanstalt) the right to intercept all internet exchange points that exchange traffic that crosses Swedish borders, though experts argue that it is impossible to differentiate between international traffic, and traffic between Swedes.[1]

The law was passed by the Swedish parliament on June 18, 2008, by a vote of 143 to 138, with one delegate abstaining and 67 delegates not present.

The law has been criticized as violating some of the most fundamental principles of democracy, e.g. that a person is innocent until proven otherwise, but also Article 12 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

International support[edit]

Visitors outside Sweden who want to support the fight for our privacy may contribute in several ways.

  • Write about the law and the fight in the media of your choice.
  • Spread the knowledge and use of encryption practices and anonymization practices.

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