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On wiki sites powered by MediaWiki, File: is the namespace which contains all 'uploads' on said wiki site. Its related talk page namespace is found at File talk:.

On MediaWiki[edit]

Added to the wiki site via the Special: Upload function, the site owner may impose restrictions on both the maximum file size, and permitted file types. Here on WikiIndex, we have a maximum file upload size of 2 megabytes (MB); and our permitted file types are restricted to png, jpg, jpeg, ogg, svg, mp3, pdf, and gif.

The most common types of files uploaded are static image files (png, jpg, jpeg, svg, and sometimes bmp). Animated image files (gif) are also typically allowed. Music and audio files (ogg and mp3) are also commonly allowed, as are non-editable documents (pdf), and video files (mp4 and ogg). Plain text (txt) and rich text files (rtf) may also be supported. Less commonly supported file uploads might include user-editable documents as generated by the various 'office' software package suites (or their standalone software packages), such as those generated by a word processor (doc), spreadsheet (xls), database (dbf), or presentation (ppt).

The Special: Log/upload shows a list of all the most recent file uploads by date and username, displaying the newest first; Special: NewFiles displays a gallery of those files in the same order of newest first. The Special: ListFiles function lists all files uploaded to the wiki site. It is sorted by date, with the default being the newest (descending) uploads displayed first, though this may be manually reversed, with the oldest (ascending) displayed first. The very first file uploaded to this WikiIndex wiki site was file:AbbeNormalLogo.jpg; the wiki logo for the AbbeNormal wiki. Sorting of the file list can also be restricted to one username, with the default to display uploaded files from all users.

On other wiki engines[edit]

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Wikis powered by other wiki engines may or may not allow file uploads; those which do may differ in functionality to that detailed in this specific article.

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