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Status: Active
Language: English
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Wiki engine: Sliki
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Main topic: Music
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(As of: DD Month 2013)

Folkipedia is a collection of articles about Folk music which anyone can contribute. The articles are linked and searchable, and you can stop off and add to an existing article or start a new one if it doesn't exist.

The aim of Folkipedia is to provide a resource to everyone interested in the traditional music, songs, instruments and people that form the rich culture called folk. This can be a repository of lyrics, histories, biographies, explanations, how tos - anything connected with the folk world.

It is based upon Sliki - a custom written wiki SLater's wIKI), which maintains standard wiki features and is simple to use.

The wiki is the idea of Paul Slater, a session musician from Kent in the United Kingdom who has been involved with many aspects of Folk for the past 35 years from Morris, Sword and Rapper dancing, Country dancing and Barn dances to Irish music sessions, research into traditions and European folk.

As Banjolin, he also runs a blog - the Session Diary - an everyday tale of a traditional music session, and the Mandolin and Banjo Pages web site with a comprehensive collection of tunes in many formats and advice and galleries.

The wiki is funded by GoogleAds on-screen advertising.