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Main topic: Wiki farm
Founded by: Helmut Leitner
Owner / CEO: Helmut Leitner (owner)
Engine: ProWiki
Farm topic: Fractality
Status: Dead
Wiki size: 3,291 article pages see stats

(As of: 2016-03-24 – via

To explore, test and develop the ideas of fractality and contextuality in a wiki.
Explorer, tester et développer les idées de fractalité et contextualité dans un wiki.

FractalWiki, itself hosted by WikiServiceAt, can host several branches and detached wiki sites. Powered via the ProWiki engine, it supports different user communities.

Strengths of FractalWiki
  • flexible wiki engine specialised for individual communities and application needs
  • a consistent and extendible architecture grown in a long non-GPL development period
  • a dedication to support active elements and editable active content (like Flash, SVG, Java) through the wiki interface
  • the ability to host, support, and moderate many wiki sites at multiple servers by cross-wiki abilities
Current projects / branches

The following wiki sites listed here on WikiIndex are or were hosted by FractalWiki.

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