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Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: LoginToEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: NoLicense
Main topic: Software
Backups: 2005-02-15
Wiki Size: unknown size see stats...

FreaxWiki was a wiki for the CodeHighLight and Code plugins of Freax. Originally created using PhpWiki at, it subsequently converted to use MediaWiki at

(from its main page)

This Wiki was created because I wanted a way to dump knowledge rapidly. For example to share information between me and my friends or to show how I got some specific issue with whatever device or whatever software working. Also to have a location where I can dump my knowledge about programming and informatics and such stuff that I would like to store and/or make public but don't know where to actually store it or where it's to much of a hassle to put it on a proper website. This is that place of mine. And since it's a Wiki, this is also your page, if that is what you want. Everybody is free to add information and to make corrections to existing information on these Wiki pages (note that, yes, I can undo your changes very easily if I don't like them). I even encourage you to add and correct information.

Note that you'll have to login or create a login before you can make modifications. I added this step to avoid that bots will try to screwup stuff or will try to put spam and advertising on the wiki-pages. Log in.

What happened?

What happened! The whole layout of your pages is screwed and stuff like that?! Yes, well. As you can see I've installed a new (IMHO better) wiki-engine. I decided to start using the wiki-engine also used by WikiPedia. I've tried to convert as much as possible using this script. You can find the old wiki pages here. But they will be removed sooner or later (don't relay on them). You can find a backup of the old wiki data here.

To avoid spam I made creating a user and logging in obligatory. It's possible that in later versions of MediaWiki will require typing in the text as displayed on an image to add/edit content. Not sure, however, how we can let blind people still use it then.

Slow development

I know that a lot topics and chapters are unfinished and I know that you might be waiting for it to be finished. I do have a daytime job and not VERY much time :-) and as you can read above I AM asking everybody who is interested to add topics and correct existing topics.

Technical subjects

Informatics and programming