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"Freebase is an open collection of structured data of almost 20 million entities, and a platform for accessing and manipulating that data via the Freebase API." "There are hundreds of millions of assertions or facts about those entities." "Freebase's API allows you to perform searches and queries against Freebase's data, or to write data to Freebase." "The Freebase community are data contributors, schema builders, data curators, application developers, and many others who use Freebase." "All the data contained in Freebase is licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution License (aka CC-BY)" "The Big Friendly Graph (BFG) is a simple web query facility which uses Metaweb's internal Hadoop cluster to provide triple (i.e. subject-predicate-object) query services."

The Freebase itself is not a wiki.

The Freebase wiki is a place for people to post FAQs about the Freebase, document various ways of accessing the Freebase, case studies, and to discuss projects and volunteer opportunities related to the Freebase database.

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