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Status: Dead
Language: English
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Main topic: Role-playing
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(Page count as of: 2008-10-24
wikiFactor as of: 2007)

GWwiki is was a communal project to flesh out Garweeze Wurld, the official setting for the role-playing game HackMaster by Kenzer & Company, and the campaign world used for BA Felton's campaign in the Knights of the Dinner Table. Although a lot of details for the setting exist via KODT Magazine and HackMaster supplements, there is little giving a cohesive overview of the setting, or even linking the many losely connected details. The goal of the GWwiki is to collect and expand upon the information available and create a setting that is not only playable, but rich in detail.

To promote Garweeze Wurld as a campaign setting by
  1. Collecting all of the scattered canonical information from its disparate sources into one functional reference medium;
  2. To document specific representations of HackMaster entities and concepts on Garweeze Wurld, and their effects thereupon;
  3. To provide a unifying forum for freelance authors to collaborate on Garweeze Wurld materials to better ensure internal consistency;
  4. To give voice to GameMasters running campaigns in Garweeze Wurld who wish to share their work with others.

Even though the wiki was set to log-in to edit, it sadly became spammed. Despite improving the security of the wiki to invitation-only editing, it was taken offline sometime after July 2009.