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The Gasifier Experimenters Kit (GEK) is a device that converts biomass to syngas. Many automobiles have been build that quickly switch between using syngas for fuel and using gasoline for fuel. Some people are experimenting with a variety of biomass sources; woodchips (to make wood gas), corn husks, peanut shells, chicken manure, etc.

They post the results of their experiments at the GEK Wiki.

"The GEK project is an experiment in collaborative science and open source engineering. The community of GEK users is constantly refining solutions for particular fuels and generating quantitative run data and related science."

"We publish and explain all the guts, so you can rework them or build on them, thus getting to further destinations, faster. We also publish the deep science and engineering best practices so you can understand why the guts are as they are, as well as other ways they can be."

"The GEK Gasifier Control Unit (GCU) ... The GEK GCU is an open source sensing and control board specifically designed for the types of instrumentation and automation problems encountered in biomass thermal conversion projects. ... is based on an Atmel AVR processor, with Arduino compatible firmware ..."

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