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Geohashing Wiki
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Founded by: XKCD, aka Randall Munroe
Status: Active
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Main topic: Recreation
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(As of: 2020-05-02)

Geohashing Wiki is a wiki for the geohashing (or geo hashing) community. It is based on the xkcd web comic, not to be confused with a different kind of geohash, and is a Spontaneous Adventure Generator.

Geohashing - basic rules

Geohashing is a spontaneous adventure game with the goal to visit random locations. It was invented by Randall Munroe from Boston, Massachusetts, author of the successful internet comic

How it works: Every day, geographical coordinates are generated by combining the date and the current New York Stock Exchange's Dow Jones value. These coordinates are randomly placed in a rectangle the size of one degree latitude by one degree longitude (about 69 miles by 50-60 miles in the U.S.). The players' task is to visit these coordinates (which are accurate to about 10 square feet) on the same day and prove this (with a photo) to gain points.

Extra points are awarded for achievements such as: biking a long way to reach the coordinates, wearing formal attire, or reaching the coordinates at certain times of day (sunrise, midnight).

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