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The Goatopedia is dead :-( Goatopedia –
the Royal Air Force wiki

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Goatopedia — The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force wiki encylopaedia; like wikipedia, but more factual! – hosted by serving members of the Royal Air Force (RAF); for all currently serving members of the RAF, former members, future members, cadet forces members; and anyone else interested in the worlds' oldest air force.

The BEST unofficial RAF resource on the 'net; Goatopedia contains articles which range from the highly factual, to the utterly irrelevant – with a liberal dose of 'forces humour' – so if easily offended, some articles may verge on being offensive! Read all about the worlds greatest combat aircraft, along with a tongue-in-cheek read of our blue attire, along with a profile of our boss of the whole shebang. And if the RAF is too intellectual, read all about our cousins in the British Army!

We even have the world-famous RAFanasaurus – for all things on 'RAF-speak' . . . ranging from an Admin Dump to a Zob – and where you can learn the difference between a Timmy and a Tommy. Be careful though, don't overdo it, because it could all end up coming out of the Ying Yang !!

Visit the main 'host' site for the Goatopedia, E-Goat – The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network at E-Goat.co.uk – and see which forces charity our members are supporting this year.

Please note – it is highly doubtful you will find any info on real goats on the Goatopedia . . .

Wiki Size: 1,145 pages see stats...

(As of: 28 June 2011 - Archive.org link)

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