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Government technologies and computer systems can be very complex. Government systems, and how the government integrates new technology can be a very difficult market for potential vendors to understand and penetrate.

The GovITwiki also called The Government IT Wiki, plans to become a large central reference source for all information relating to how the U.S. federal government integrates computer technology. It is anticipated that the main visitors to this site will be:

  • Vendors who want to sell computer technology to the federal government
  • People who want to understand and influence the way the government sets it's priorities, standards and requirements for computer technology
  • Government employees (technical or otherwise) who want to understand how their work and pieces of technology fit into the government overall. Hopefully they will also edit the wiki to describe their programs, helping all citizens understand individual information technology projects within agencies.

The site was launched in March, 2007 and is still in its initial phase. We welcome participation by those who are knowledgeable of the government IT procurement and integration process.

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