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Status: GoalAbandoned
Language: German
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: Wikia
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Main topic: Harry Potter
Backups: unknown or dynamic date
Wiki Size: 21 pages see stats...

(As of: 2012-04-05)

The Harry Potter Fan-fiction Wiki is a former German-language Wikia literature community wiki on Harry Potter, focussing on fan fiction. It is now a 'Closed wiki'.[1]

Harry Potter wikis in these languages (view / edit)
language wiki sites
Dutch Dutch Harry Potter (Wikia)
English English Harry Potter (Wikia), WikiPotter (EditThis.info), Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wiki, HarryWiki
Finnish Potterwiki
German German Harry Potter (Wikia), Harry Potter Wiki (German) (Wikia), Harry Potter Fan-fiction Wiki (Wikia)
Italian Harry Potter (it) (Wikia)
Polish Polish Harry Potter (Wikia)
Spanish Spanish Harry Potter (Wikia)