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Technically there are three different kinds of pages:

  • (Content) Pages which are initially empty and can be filled and edited.
  • Discussion pages attached to them which are called Talk Page and can be edited like the above.
  • Special Pages which provide different functions like Change email address. They can not be edited and do not have a talk page attached.

This help page explains the different kinds of content pages.

Namespaces & Categories[edit]

This page is in the name space 'Help' and in the Category:Help. You can see its name space in the tab at the top left of this page, it reads: "Help page". You can see in which category or categories (if any) a page is at the grey box at the bottom of every page. It reads: "Category: Help".

Our main name space got no name, therefore all those pages show simply "Page" in the tab: WikiIndex. You can use the advanced search form Special:Search to 'include in the search' or 'exclude from the search' any given name space while searching pages by title or content (text is written in the page).

If You go to our root category All, Category:Browse or to the complete lists of categories Special:Categories you can browse pages hierarchically means according to their place in the category structure, not by content.

  • Pages come into a specific name space by naming them Namespace:Title.
  • Pages get associated with categories by placing double bracketed [[Category:NameOfCategory]] anywhere, preferably at the bottom of the content of that page.
  • You can tag a page by adding markers like this is a {{help|helpfull}} page . That places it in a category as well.

Types of pages[edit]

Name Space Has
talk page
(Main) yes Wikis, Wiki People, Wiki Ideas, Glossary
User yes Profiles of wiki people who got an account on WikiIndex
WikiIndex yes Project Pages Meta, about WikiIndex Itself, its community
File yes Pages for handling files of all kinds like Pictures
MediaWiki yes About the WikiEngine we are using
Template yes Forms that help to do recurring work
Help yes To help visitors to find & contributors to do
Category yes Making categories visible and browsable
Property yes ?
Form yes Tools to create specific pages
Concept yes empty
Filter yes procedures that act in the background
Layer yes ?
Special no Pages that provide tools
Redirects yes Pages with no content but a pointer to another page