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Heroes Wiki is a reference site for NBC's hit show Heroes. Check it out for the latest information on the show and its characters.


Heroes Wiki went online in October 2006. Since then it's grown to over 7000 registered users and over 4000 full articles on topics related to Heroes. While focusing primarily on factual, canonical information from Heroes, Heroes Wiki also expands on that information by providing separate articles on fan creations as well.

On October 18 2008, Heroes Wiki announced that it had officially partnered with NBC. NBC now directs those interested in a wiki on Heroes to Heroes Wiki.

Wikia also has a Heroes Wiki that's here under the name Heroes Wikia.


Heroes Wiki is available in the following languages:

Articles of Interest[edit]

Gallery of paintings by Isaac Mendez

Comparison of Isaac's paintings and the events that actually transpired

Compiled listing of fan theories

Information on the Heroes360 site primatechpaper.com