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Status: Dormant
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The Homestar Runner Fanstuff Wiki was a repository of original stories, art, and other paraphernalia based on the Homestar Runner Flash cartoons.

It was locked in August 2008 to be restarted a short time later in order to clear out lower quality content that had piled up over the years. This act is called the purge by wiki users. The purge took considerably longer then expected and it did not come back up until January 2010.

After the end of the purge, the wiki only lasted five months before a very ugly community collapse took place in May 2010, which is documented here. This disaster of bad feelings and angry rants led to the closing of the wiki on June 1, 2010, this time for good.

The site is now an archive, but is still online.

Wiki Size: 7,968 pages see stats...

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