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Status: Dead
Language: English
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: Wagn
Main topic: Consumer


At OSCamp this morning, I spent some time with EthanMcCutchen and LewisHoffman learning more about the Hooze.com and wagging. Hooze is focused on consumers and in particular, helping them create a shared and voice which may point companies in a directions that are more aligned with their consumers. Imagine having access to a huge collaboratively built database of consumer experience right at the point of purchase — that would be valuable.

The underlying technology is a wiki of sorts, but because it leverages tagging and “cards”, they call it “wagging” (wiki+tagging). Cute. Not to mention that it has the “tail wagging the dog” feeling which sends a good grass roots message. In the wagging environment, each tag you create has a snippet of information attached to it, like a card or a page. But the power is created when you combine tags. So if there was a tag for “RayKing” and a tag for “Razr”, then I would naturally put my experience with Razr’s on that page. Once there is a critical mass of this information, then looking up any topic brings up a rich subset of other related topics. I look forward to watching this get off the ground. There’s more information on wagging at their system site, WagN.

via our weblog  [dead link]


although it is beta, so may not be open to the public yet. a wiki that combinds tagging with itself!

  • GreatFeature I really like their treatment of names: To get started, you'll need to choose a "Name Tag" which will be used to identify you and your contributions to the site. In the spirit of transparency, we ask that you use your full name, eg. Millard Fillmore. In the spirit of uniqueness, you are also welcomed to insert a nickname in the middle of your Name Tag, eg Robert "Yellow Wood" Frost.
  • GreatFeature Wagging the merging of Wiki and Tagging