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HumaxDisk wiki is a wiki hosted on Wikispaces to provide in-depth help for the Humax range of personal video recorders (PVRs) for digital television broadcasting ( DVB) video and multimedia recording.

PVRs are the modern replacement for the original VHS and/or Betamax video cassette recorder (VCR), and the later DVD recorders; and instead of using an ejectable/removable recording media such as magnetic tape or DVD to record video; record their media directly onto an integral hard-disk drive (HDD). PVRs are ideally suited to digital television broadcasting (DVB); either terrestrial (DVB-T) via a rooftop aerial, or satellite (DVB-S) via a wall- or floor-mounted satellite dish.

HumaxDisk wiki will soon be moved to the MyHumax.Org website.

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