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Small rectangular monochrome image, landscape orientation, thin black border with a white background, containing the words 'no logo' in black text. iCuihua / 翠花
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Status: Dead
Language: Chinese
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Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Main topic: Political

The name iCuihua stands for the following. 'Cuihua' is a Chinese name commonly used by average girls or women in rural area. It is used here to represent average Chinese people who have not yet have much awareness of fighting for their own rights. But they are nevertheless smart and kind human beings, and are eager to express themselves. Here 'i' is pronounced the same as `爱'(love) in Chinese. The iCuihua community will be dedicated to take care of people like Cuihua, by providing them information on how to fight for their rights. We unify ourselves by love.

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(As of: DD Month 2013)