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Illogicopedia.png Illogicopedia
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Founded by: Silent Penguin
Status: Active
Language: Multilingual
Edit mode: OpenEdit
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike
Main topic: Nonsense
Wiki Size: 10,165 pages see stats...

Wiki English (As of: 03 October 2012)

Illogicopedia is a wiki mostly dedicated to non-, semi- or entirely humorous surrealism (which might variously be considered clever, dumb, silly, or just plain nonsensical) and some satire. Humour-wise, Illogicopedia is more about anything funny and the kind of random self-referential humour you find removed from Uncyclopedia; the sort of thing people will get a cheap laugh out of. Generally, Illogicopedia will accept virtually anything so long as it's clean and it has some form of redeeming value. This allows a fairly lax content policy that helps make the wiki become more accessible to everyone.

  • The edit button invites users to 'Go insane'.
  • The page history contains the 'Past frenzies'.
  • The talk pages contain 'Babble'.
  • New messages are 'Rants' and 'Moans'.
  • Random pages are 'Randumb' pages.
  • The block log is renamed the 'Rash log', and blocked users are said to have been 'Chinese burnt'. Relatively few users actually are blocked, most of them being spambots.

Technical support for Illogicopedia is provided by Isarra.

Relation to Uncyclopedia and other wikis[edit]

In a nutshell: Uncyclopedia is for comedy. Illogicopedia is for nonsense and the kind of humour that makes people groan. At Uncyclopedia, nonsense gets deleted; there has been tons of great nonsensical material considered "not funny enough" for Uncyclopedia that needs a home. This, as well as other suitable content may be imported.

Relation to Wikia[edit]

Disputes between Wikia and Illogicopedia are in no way funny. In November 2008, Illogicopedia has left the old Wikia wiki for an independent one, although the Wikia website still exists (as of 23 Jan 2009). It has been renamed to "Wackypedia" and locked after a month long debate. There is bad feeling between Wikia and Illogicopedia, as there is with some other wikis that are hosted by Wikia. ComplaintWiki has been set up to give dissatisfied Wikia users a place to air grievances. Several ComplaintWiki administrators are also admins at Illogicopedia.

Reasons for bad feeling[edit]

At first, Illogicopedia was created away from Wikia, as it was considered too similar to Uncyclopedia. Later, when the site was clearly successful, Illogicopedia moved to Wikia. Illogicopedia moved yet again when Wikia forced the Monaco skin onto the Wikia site. Wikia staff made information about the move difficult to access from Wackypedia. For this and other complaints see Complaints Illogicopedia has from ComplaintWiki.

Illogicopedia in other languages, articles on WikiIndex[edit]

Apart from the main wiki in English, there are Illogicopedias available in other languages:

FR - Français[edit]

Wiki Size: 102 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 1 info / verify ...
Wiki French (As of: 03 October 2012)

NL - Nederlands/Vlaams[edit]

Wiki Size: 362 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 2 info / verify ...
Wiki Dutch (As of: 03 October 2012)

NO - Norsk (bokmål)[edit]

Wiki Size: 572 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 2 info / verify ...
Wiki Norwegian (As of: 03 October 2012)

PT - Português[edit]

Wiki Size: 1,065 pages see stats...
wikiFactor: 2 info / verify ...
Wiki Portuguese (As of: 03 October 2012)

Tlh - tlhIngan Hol[edit]

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