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Institut St-Joseph - wiki
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Founded by: Mario Asselin
Status: Dead
Language: French
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Main topic: School
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Institut St-Joseph - wiki was a wiki used in school. Learning practices in Institut St Joseph, in Quebec province, Canada. Share information, cooperation, knowledge exchange, regulation, ...

Effectively, the whole school was invited to experiment this wiki since sept 04 and it worked pretty good. The community used it to keep traces of a lot of meetings, projects and collective tasks. Some projects came from other members outside of the school like the MiniColloque et LaReformePourLesNuls. First one was a kind of spontaneous forum regrouping 30 educators interested in the uses of the tool of weblogs to learn. We put the result of our thinking as the forum progress and, at the end, we had the "act" of our deliberation. Second one is a collective construction trying to put in more simple words our school reform here in Quebec province. Here again, more than 30 peoples have participed (not the same than MiniColloque). When we realised that the work was well done we transfer it in a weblog named (in french) "Talk about the Reform" in the style of FAQ. Wiki is really a great collaborative tool to construct in another mood than every people at the same time at the same place... I don't know in your business but in my community, it happen a lot of time that peolple think that they can work together only if they are at "the same place..." Using wiki, they realised the opportunity we had to build in a kind of relay !"

La création de ce Wiki est motivé par le désir de la communauté d'apprentissage de l'Institut St-Joseph de partager de l'information et de construire du sens par la collaboration et la coopération. Cet outil (et d'autres hyperliés dans le bas de la colonne de gauche) favorisera l'expression d'idées, la régulation et l'élaboration de plusieurs activités qui composent en partie le projet éducatif de l'Institut.

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