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intersciLogo.png InterSciWiki
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Status: Active
Language: English
Edit mode: ByInvitation
Wiki engine: MediaWiki
Wiki license: GNU Free Documentation License
Main topic: Complexity

InterSciWiki is the INTERdisciplinarySCIences Complexity wiki. InterSciWiki is an open community collaborative wiki on trans-disciplinary research -- especially networks and complexity sciences research.

InterSciWiki is intended primarily for researchers, students, faculty and others engaged through individual and collaborative postings, courses, methods, shared and documented open-source software, tutorials, and tools for research and enhancing interdisciplinary advancement in the full range of overlapping human sciences, social science, humanities, and natural and computer science, with interests in the complexity sciences, their teaching, and applications.

Everyone is invited. Requests to edit (process described on the front page) require a valid email account and are manually approved by a human in an attempt to slow down spammers. RealNames strongly preferred.

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(As of: 05 January 2012)